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Emberá, Northern

A language of Panama

ISO 639-3emp

Population  10,500 in Panama (2000). Population total all countries: 60,200.
Region  Southeastern Panama, Darién area, lowland jungle. Also in Colombia.
Language map  Panama
Alternate names   Atrato, Cholo, Darien, Dariena, Ebera Bedea, Eerã, Empera, Panama Embera
Dialects  Related languages in order of closeness: Emberá-Catíoc[cto], Emberá-Baudó [bdc], Emberá-Tadó [tdc], Epena [sja], Emberá-Chamí [cmi], and Wounmeu [noa]. Panama and Colombia dialects are inherently intelligible. Northern Embera of the Upper Baudó area and downriver Emberá-Baudó are inherently intelligible.
Classification  Choco, Embera, Northern
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1991.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  SOV. Swidden agriculturalists. Traditional religion, Christian.

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Language name   Emberá, Northern
Population  49,700 in Colombia (2001).
Region  Atrato River basin in Chocó Department, Pacific coastal rivers from Cabo Corrientes, to Antioquia (Rio Verde) Department.
Language map  Northern Colombia
Alternate names  Atrato, Cholo, Darién, Dariena, Eberã, Eberã Bed’ea, Emperã, Eperã Pedea, Panama Embera
Comments  ‘Embena’ (Embera, Epena), meaning ‘people’, is used by all Choco peoples except Waunana to refer to themselves. Traditional religion, Christian.