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Yupik, Pacific Gulf

A language of United States

ISO 639-3ems

Population  76 (2000 census). US Census (2000) counts those who use the language in the home. Ethnic population: 3,000 (1995 M. Krauss).
Region  Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island (Koniag dialect), coast from Cook Inlet to Prince William Sound (Chugach dialect). 20 villages.
Language map  United States of America, Alaska and Hawaii
Alternate names   Alutiiq, “Chugach Eskimo” , Koniag-Chugach, Pacific Yupik, “South Alaska Eskimo” , Sugcestun, “Sugpiak Eskimo” , “Sugpiaq Eskimo” , Suk
Dialects  Chugach, Koniag.
Classification  Eskimo-Aleut, Eskimo, Yupik, Alaskan
Language use  Mainly older adults. Also use English.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1848.
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