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Enets, Tundra

A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3enh

Population  10. Of the 10 speakers, 6 are in Vorontsovo and 3 in Karepovsk (Khanina and Shluinsky 2005: 4, 9). Ethnic population: 198 together with Forest Enets (2002 census).
Region  Taimyr National Okrug; Yenisei River mouth, downstream from Dudinka. ‘Tundra’ in Ust-Yenisei region, Vorontzovo settlement.
Language map  Western Asian Russia, reference number 38
Alternate names   Madu, Somatu, Yenisei Samoyedic
Dialects  Tundra and Forest Enets [enf] barely mutually intelligible. Transitional between Nenets [yrk] and Nganasan [nio]. Formerly officially considered part of Nenets.
Classification  Uralic, Samoyed, Northern Samoyed
Language use  Under 10% of the ethnic group speaks Enets. Very little use for day-to-day communication. Mainly older adults. Neutral attitude. Bilingual or trilingual.
Language development  Grammar.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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