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Yupik, Central Siberian

A language of United States

ISO 639-3ess

Population  830 in United States (2000 census). US Census (2000) counts those who use the language in the home. Population total all countries: 1,130. Ethnic population: 1,050 in USA (1995 Krauss).
Region  Alaska, St. Lawrence Island, Gambell and Savonga villages. Also in Russian Federation (Asia).
Language map  United States of America, Alaska and Hawaii
Alternate names   Bering Strait Yupik, “St. Lawrence Island Eskimo”
Dialects  Chaplino.
Classification  Eskimo-Aleut, Eskimo, Yupik, Siberian
Language use  Vigorous in Alaska. Some children prefer English. All ages.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 1%–10%. Literacy rate in L2: 40%–50%. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1974–2007.
Writing system  Cyrillic script. Latin script.

Also spoken in:

Russian Federation (Asia)

Language name   Yupik, Central Siberian
Population  300 in Russian Federation (1991 A. Kibrik). Ethnic population: 1,200–1,500 in Russian Federation (1991 A. Kibrik).
Region  Chukchi National Okrug, Bering Sea coast, Wrangel Island; Providenie region, Chaplino, Novo-Chaplino and Providenie villages.
Language map  Eastern Asian Russia, reference number 4
Alternate names  Asiatic Yupik, Bering Strait, “Eskimo” , Siberian Yupik, Yoit, Yuit, Yuk, Yupik
Dialects  Aiwanat, Noohalit (Peekit), Wooteelit, Chaplino.
Language use  Resettlement weakened language use, but recent contacts with Alaska increased prestige. Mainly older adults. Positive attitude.
Language development  Taught in primary schools.
Comments  School at Anadyr. Chaplino and Naukan have 60%–70% mutual inherent intelligibility. Sirenik [ysr] is a separate language. Shamanist.