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A language of China

ISO 639-3evn

Population  19,000 in China (1999 D. Chaoke). 3,000 monolinguals. Huihe 14,300, Aoluguya 150, Chenba’erhu 1,600. Population total all countries: 27,615. Ethnic population: 30,500 (2000 census).
Region  Inner Mongolia: Hulunbuir banners; Ewenki, Moriadawa, Oronchon, Chen Bargu, Arong, Ergune East, and Huisuomu; Heilongjiang Province, Nale Prefecture; a few in Xinjiang. Also in Mongolia, Russian Federation (Asia), United States.
Language map  China
Alternate names   Ewenke, Ewenki, Khamnigan, Owenke, Solon, Suolun
Dialects  Haila’er, Aoluguya (Olguya), Chenba’erhu (Old Bargu), Morigele (Mergel), Huihe (Hoy). Huihe is the standard dialect. Significant dialect differences from the Russian Federation.
Classification  Altaic, Tungusic, Northern, Evenki
Language use  Vigorous. Other speakers in the area also use Evenki. All domains. All ages. Positive attitude. Also use Mongolian [mvf], Daur [dta], Chinese [cmn], or Oroqen [orh].
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 96%. Radio programs. TV. Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  In China, classified as Ewenki nationality. ‘Solon’ is self-name in China, but they also now use the official name ‘Ewenke’. Not the same as Sulung [suv]. Nomadic pastoralists: reindeer; hunters; agriculturalists; forestry. Shamanist, Buddhist (Lamaist).

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Language name   Evenki
Population  1,000 in Mongolia (Krauss 1995).
Region  North Mongolia, Selenge Aimag.
Alternate names  Khamnigan, Solon, Tungus
Language use  Also use Halh Mongolian [khk].
Comments  Shamanist, Buddhist (Lamaist).

Russian Federation (Asia)

Language name   Evenki
Population  7,580 in Russian Federation. Ethnic population: 35,527 in the Russian Federation (2002 Census).
Region  Evenki National Okrug, Sakhalin Island. Widespread.
Language maps  Eastern Asian Russia, reference number 9
Eastern Asian Russia, reference number 9
Western Asian Russia, reference number 9
Western Asian Russia, reference number 9
Alternate names  Avanki, Avankil, Chapogir, Ewenki, Khamnigan, Solon, Tungus
Dialects  Manegir, Yerbogocen, Nakanna, Ilimpeya, Tutoncana, Podkamennaya Tunguska, Cemdalsk, Vanavara, Baykit, Poligus, Uchama, Cis-Baikalia, Sym, Tokmo-Upper Lena, Nepa, Lower Nepa Tungir, Kalar, Tokko, Aldan Timpton, Tommot, Jeltulak, Uchur, Ayan-Maya, Kur-Urmi, Tuguro-Chumikan, Sakhalin, Zeya-Bureya.
Language use  Used by half or fewer of the ethnic group, though maintenance varies regionally. Vitality decreasing, but on the taiga, strong motivation to use it. Home, community, other domains in some regions. Mainly adults. Positive attitude in some regions. Also use Russian (most as L1), Yakut [sah] (in Sakha Republic), or Buriat [bxr] (in Buryatia).
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: Nearly all.
Comments  Shamanist, Buddhist (Lamaist), Christian.

United States

Language name   Evenki
Population  35 in United States (2000 census).
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