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Guyanese Creole English

A language of Guyana

ISO 639-3gyn

Population  650,000 in Guyana. 250,000 Blacks and 400,000 Hindustanis. Population total all countries: 700,000.
Region  Georgetown, coast, and Rupununi River area. May be some in French Guiana. Also in Suriname, United States.
Language map  Guyana
Alternate names   Creolese, Guyanese Creole
Dialects  Afro-Guyanese Creole, Rupununi, Indo-Guyanese Creole. May be intelligible with other English-based creoles of the Caribbean. Most similar to creoles of Saint Vincent and Tobago (Holbrook). Rupununi dialect may be a separate language. Rupununi, Berbice Creole Dutch [brc], and Skepi Creole Dutch [skw] speakers claim they are not mutually inherently intelligible.
Classification  Creole, English based, Atlantic, Eastern, Southern
Language use  The first or second language of most, but it has no official status. Home and alongside Standard English (Adler 1977). There is a creole continuum with Standard English. Mixed language attitude.
Language development  Grammar.
Writing system  Latin script.

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Language name   Guyanese Creole English
Population  50,000 in Suriname (1986 SIL).
Alternate names  Creolese, Guyanese Creole
Language use  All domains. All ages. Negative language attitude.
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 25%–50%.