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A language of United States

ISO 639-3haa

Population  7 in United States (Krauss 1995). Population total all countries: 14. Ethnic population: 40 (2000 census).
Region  Alaska, Yukon River near Alaska-Canada border, Eagle. Also in Canada.
Language map  United States of America, Alaska and Hawaii
Alternate names   Dawson, Han-Kutchin, Moosehide
Classification  Na-Dene, Nuclear Na-Dene, Athapaskan-Eyak, Athapaskan, Canadian, Han-Kutchin
Language use  Shifted to English. Being taught in bush schools as an elective to native and nonnative children.
Language development  Taught in primary schools. Grammar.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  There is a Han textbook with tapes for teaching the language. Nearly extinct.

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Language name   Han
Population  7 in Canada (Krauss 1997). Ethnic population: 300.
Region  Alaska-Canada border, Dawson, Yukon River area.
Language map  Canada
Alternate names  Dawson, Han-Kutchin, Moosehide
Language use  Shifting to English. Older adults (1995).
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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