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Halang Doan

A language of Viet Nam

ISO 639-3hld

Population  2,000 in Viet Nam (Wurm and Hattori 1981). Population total all countries: 4,350.
Region  Kon Tum Province, between the Sedang [sed] and the Cua [cua]. Also in Laos.
Language map  Southern Viet Nam, reference number 25
Alternate names   Doan, Duan, Halang Duan
Dialects  May be intelligible with Takua [tkz], Kayong [kxy], Halang Daksut [hal], Rengao [ren].
Classification  Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Eastern Mon-Khmer, Bahnaric, North Bahnaric, West, Duan

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Language name   Halang Doan
Population  2,350 in Laos (2000).
Region  Attopeu Province, Kasseng Plateau, Sanxai District, Kamane and Dak Robay rivers’ left banks, near Viet Nam border.
Language map  Laos, reference number 11
Alternate names  Doan, Duan, Halang Duan
Comments  Traditional religion.
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