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A language of Indonesia (Maluku)

ISO 639-3huk

Population  10 (1991 SIL).
Region  Central Maluku, west Seram, Hulung village, Sauweli hamlet.
Language map  Indonesia, Central Maluku
Dialects  Lexical similarity: 67% with Lisabata-Nuniali [lcs], 66% with Naka’ela [nae] and South Wemale [tlw], 63% with Alune [alp], 59% with North Wemale [weo].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern, Central Malayo-Polynesian, Central Maluku, East, Seram, Nunusaku, Three Rivers, Amalumute, Northwest Seram, Hulung
Comments  Christian. Nearly extinct.
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