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A language of Hungary

ISO 639-3hun

Population  9,550,000 in Hungary (2001 census). 60,000–70,000 in Romania and Moldova speak Csango. Population total all countries: 12,501,270.
Region  Also in Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Romania, Russian Federation (Europe), Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, United States.
Alternate names   Magyar
Dialects  Alfold, Csango, West Danube, Danube-Tisza, King’s Pass Hungarian, Northeast Hungarian, Northwest Hungarian, Székely, West Hungarian. Most similar to the Uralic language Vogul (Mansi [mns]) in Siberia. Speakers of Standard Hungarian have difficulty understanding the Oberwart dialect spoken in Austria, and considerable difficulty understanding the Moldavian Csángó dialect spoken in Rumania.
Classification  Uralic
Language use  National language.
Language development  Taught in primary and secondary schools. Fully developed. Bible: 1590–1991.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  ‘Magyar’ is the Hungarian name. SVO.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Hungarian
Population  25,900 in Austria (2001 census).
Region  Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria, Burgenland.
Alternate names  Magyar
Dialects  Oberwart.
Language use  National language. Taught in primary schools where there are larger numbers of speakers in Burgenland.


Language name   Hungarian
Population  70,000 in Israel (1998 H. Mutzafi).
Language use  Older adults prefer Hungarian. Also use Hebrew [heb].
Comments  Jewish.


Language name   Hungarian
Population  1,450,000 in Romania (2002 census).
Region  Trans-Carpathian provinces.
Alternate names  Magyar
Language use  Also use Romanian [ron].


Language name   Hungarian
Population  451,000 in Serbia (1986).
Region  Vojvodine.
Alternate names  Magyar
Language use  Official regional status in Vojvodine.


Language name   Hungarian
Population  521,000 in Slovakia (2001 census).
Region  South.
Alternate names  Magyar


Language name   Hungarian
Population  9,240 in Slovenia (1991 census).
Region  East.
Alternate names  Magyar
Language use  Official language.
Comments  Acknowledged as autochthonous (indigenous) communities and protected by the constitution.


Language name   Hungarian
Population  176,000 in Ukraine (Johnstone and Mandryk 2001).
Region  Transcarpathian Ukraine.
Language map  Ukraine
Alternate names  Magyar
Language use  95% speak it as L1.
Comments  Christian.
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