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A language of Russian Federation (Europe)

ISO 639-3kbd

Population  520,000 in Russian Federation (2002 Census). Does not include 60,517 Cherkess in the Russian Federation (2002 Census). Population total all countries: 1,632,500. Ethnic population: 519,958.
Region  Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachai-Cherkessia. Also in Germany, Jordan, Syria, Turkey (Asia), United States.
Language map  European Russia, reference number 18
Alternate names   Beslenei, East Circassian, Kabard, Kabardino-Cherkes, Kabardo-Cherkess, Upper Circassian
Dialects  Greater Kabardian, Baksan, Lesser Kabardian, Malka, Mozdok, Kuban, Cherkes, Beslenei (Beslenej). Similar to Adygey [ady].
Classification  North Caucasian, West Caucasian, Circassian
Language development  Taught in primary and secondary schools. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1993.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  Muslim (Sunni).

Also spoken in:


Language name   Kabardian
Population  14,000 in Germany (2005 Circassian Association).
Comments  Muslim (Sunni).


Language name   Kabardian
Population  56,000 in Jordan (2005 Circassian Association).
Region  Amman; Jerash; Sweileh; Russeifa; Zarqa.
Comments  Muslim (Sunni).


Language name   Kabardian
Population  39,000 in Syria (2005 Circassian Association).
Region  Damascus; Aleppo.
Comments  Muslim (Sunni).

Turkey (Asia)

Language name   Kabardian
Population  1,000,000 in Turkey (2005 Circassian Association).
Region  Uzun Yayla plateau east of Kayseri; Samsun area; Amasya; Çorum.
Comments  Muslim (Sunni).