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A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3ket

Population  190. Ethnic population: 1,494.
Region  Upper Yenisei Valley, Krasnoyarski Krai, Turukhansk, and Baikitsk regions; Sulomai, Bakhta, Verkhneimbatsk, Kellog, Kangatovo, Surgutikha, Vereshchagino, Baklanikha, Farkovo, Goroshikha, and Maiduka villages; eastern Siberia, east of Khanti [kca] and Mansi [mns].
Language map  Western Asian Russia, reference number 15
Alternate names   Imbatski-Ket, Yenisei Ostyak, Yenisey Ostiak
Classification  Yeniseian
Language use  No other extant related languages: the Arin, Assan, and Kott peoples became extinct in the 19th century. GIDS 7. Home. Older adults. People are negative to mildly supportive toward Ket. No monolinguals. Also use Russian.
Language development  Taught in 5 schools. Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  Traditional way of life has changed. Traditional religion. Nearly extinct.
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