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Selangor Sign Language

A language of Malaysia (Peninsular)

ISO 639-3kgi

Population  500, decreasing.
Region  Peninsular Malaysia, Selangor, elsewhere.
Alternate names   KLSL, Kuala Lumpur Sign Language
Classification  Deaf sign language
Language use  American signs introduced late 1960s to a class for deaf children. They were promoted by the club for deaf adults which started at the YMCA in 1973. Many former users of Penang Sign Language [psg] now use it. Mainly older adults. Still used by some children, but they prefer MSL [xml]. Positive attitude.
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 50%.
Comments  Many learned Penang Sign Language while studying in Penang and mixed Penang and American signs. Uses many American signs with mostly English, some Malay word order.