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A language of Brazil

ISO 639-3kgp

Population  Ethnic population: 25,875.
Region  São Paulo north of Paranapena River, 3 reservations, Paraná between Paranapena and Iguaçu rivers, 9 reservations, Santa Catarina between Iguaçu and Uruguay rivers, 8 reservations, Rio Grande do Sul south of the Uruguay River; Southeast dialect. 5 reservations east of Passo Fundo River; Southwest Dialect, 7 reservations; also east of Passo Fundo River; outskirts of important cities in Rio Grande do Sul. 32 reservations plus scattered locations.
Language map  Brazil, reference number 173
Alternate names   Bugre, Caingang, Coroado, Coroados
Dialects  Paraná Kaingang, Central Kaingang, Southwest Kaingang, Southeast Kaingang.
Classification  Macro-Ge, Ge-Kaingang
Language use  All over 40 also use Portuguese [por].
Language development  Dictionary. NT: 1977.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Alternate names now only used in old documents. ‘Bugre’ also used for Xokleng [xok] and Mbyá Guaraní [gun]. SOV.