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A language of Laos

ISO 639-3kjg

Population  390,000 in Laos (1985 F. Proschan). Population total all countries: 480,100.
Region  Scattered in north. Also in China, France, Myanmar, Thailand, United States, Viet Nam.
Language map  Laos, reference number 24
Alternate names   Kamhmu, Kammu, Kamu, Khamu, Khamuk, Khmu’, Khomu, Kmhmu, Lao Terng, Mou, Pouteng, Pu Thenh, Tenh, Theng
Dialects  Yuan, Khroong (Krong), Luang Prabang, Sayabury, Lyy, Rok, U, Hat.
Classification  Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Northern Mon-Khmer, Khmuic, Mal-Khmu’, Khmu’
Language development  Radio programs. Bible portions: 1918.
Writing system  Duota script, used in a small collection of villages well away from the rest of the language group, also used in China. Lao script. Latin script.
Comments  SVO. Traditional religion.

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Language name   Khmu
Population  1,600 in China (1990).
Region  Southwest Yunnan Province, in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Jinghong County (9 villages), some in Mengla County.
Language map  Southwestern China
Alternate names  Chaman, Damai, Damailao, Damaile, Kamhmu, Kammu, Kamu, Kemu, Khamu, Khamuk, Khmu’, Khomu, Lao Terng, Mou, Pouteng, Theng
Comments  Classified nationality not yet determined.


Language name   Khmu
Population  100 in Myanmar (2008).
Region  Eastern Shan state, Mong Yawng Township.
Alternate names  Kamhmu, Kammu, Kamu, Khamuk, Khmu’, Khomu, Kmhmu, Lao Terng, Mou, Pouteng, Pu Thenh, Tenh, Theng
Dialects  Yuan, Lue, Khuen.


Language name   Khmu
Population  31,400 in Thailand (2000).
Region  Chiangrai, Nan, Phayao, scattered throughout Thailand.
Language map  Northern Thailand, reference number 13
Alternate names  Kamhmu, Kammu, Kamu, Kha Khmu, Khamu, Khamuk, Khmu’, Kmhmu, Luu, Mou, Pouteng, Tmooy
Comments  Traditional religion, Christian.

Viet Nam

Language name   Khmu
Population  56,500 in Viet Nam (1999 census).
Region  Son La, Lai Chau, Nghe An, Yen Bai provinces.
Language maps  Northern Viet Nam, reference number 43
Northern Viet Nam, reference number 43
Northwestern Viet Nam, reference number 43
Alternate names  Cam Mu, Kha Cau, Khamu, Khomu, Kmhmu, Mun Xen, Xa Cau
Comments  Traditional religion, Christian.