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Kru’ng 2

A language of Cambodia

ISO 639-3krr

Population  18,400 (2006 Rat PDP).
Region  Stung Treng and Ratanakiri provinces, Laos-Cambodia border area.
Language map  Cambodia
Alternate names   Kreung
Dialects  Brao [brb] and Kavet [krv] are inherently intelligible with Kru’ng 2.
Classification  Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Eastern Mon-Khmer, Bahnaric, West Bahnaric, Brao-Kravet
Language use  Also use Central Khmer [khm] or Lao [lao].
Writing system  Khmer script.
Comments  Different from Krung 1 dialect of Rade [rad] in Viet Nam.