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A language of Russian Federation (Europe)

ISO 639-3kum

Population  422,000 in Russian Federation (2002 Census). Population total all countries: 422,550.
Region  Dagestan, north and east plain. Also in Kazakhstan, Turkey (Asia).
Language map  European Russia, reference number 22
Alternate names   Kumuk, Kumuklar, Kumyki
Dialects  Khasavyurt, Buinaksk, Khaitag, Podgorniy, Terek. Dialects quite divergent.
Classification  Altaic, Turkic, Western, Ponto-Caspian
Language use  Most also use Russian.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: Higher where majority speak Kumyk. Literacy rate in L2: High in Russian. Newspapers. Radio programs. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 2007.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  Different from Kumux dialect of Lak [lbe]. Muslim (Sunni).

Also spoken in:

Turkey (Asia)

Language name   Kumyk
Region  A few villages.
Alternate names  Kumuk, Kumuklar, Kumyki
Dialects  Khasav-Yurt, Buinak, Khaidak.
Language use  Language of wider communication.
Comments  Different from the Kumux dialect of Lak [lbe]. Muslim.