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A language of Indonesia (Papua)

ISO 639-3kzu

Population  50 (2000 S. Wurm). Ethnic population: 573 (1978 SIL).
Region  Jayapura harbor, Kayubatu and Kayupulau villages.
Language map  Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 137
Alternate names   Kajupulau
Dialects  Not a dialect of Tobati (Yotafa) [tti].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Western Oceanic, North New Guinea, Sarmi-Jayapura Bay, Jayapura Bay
Language use  Used by under 10% of the ethnic group. Declining in use. Mainly adults.
Comments  Christian. Nearly extinct.
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