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A language of Viet Nam

ISO 639-3lbt

Population  7,860 in Viet Nam (1990 census). 3,990 women, in 1,450 households (Liang Min 1990), including Black Lachi 2,500 in 550 households, Long-Haired Lachi 4,500 in 900 households. 10,765 for all La Chi in Viet Nam (1999 census). Population total all countries: 9,016. Ethnic population: 9,600 (2000 D. Bradley). Population total all countries: 7,920. Ethnic population: 9,600 (2000 D. Bradley).
Region  Hà Giang Province, west of Hà Giang in upper Clear River valley (Riviere Claire) on the China border. Black Lachi in Manyou, Long-Haired Lachi in Manpeng. Also in China.
Language map  Northern Viet Nam, reference number 48
Alternate names   Cù Te, Cu-Tê, La Chi, Lachí, Laji, Lati, Lipulio, Mia, Tai Lati, Y, Y Pí, Y Póng, Y To
Dialects  Liputiõ (Black Lachi), Lipupi (Long-Haired Lachi). Related to Gelao. Long-Haired Lachi of Viet Nam (4,806 speakers) has 80% lexical similarity with Flowery Lachi [lbt] of China; White Lachi [lwh] of Viet Nam (1,602) has 30%–40% similarity with the others, and should be considered a separate language. Lexical similarity 36% with Gelao, 33% with Qabiao [laq], 22% with Dong [doc], 23% with Laka, 25% with Hlai [lic].
Classification  Tai-Kadai, Kadai, Ge-Chi
Language use  Those in Viet Nam continue to use the language. Also use Zhuang, Miao, Chinese varieties.
Comments  ‘Red’, ‘Flowery’, refer to clothing color or other features of physical appearance. Agriculturalists: wet rice; animal husbandry. Traditional religion.

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Language name   Lachi
Population  60 in China (2000 L. Yunbing), decreasing. Ethnic includes 193 Bag Lachi in 37 households, 852 Han Lachi in 179 households, 157 Red Lachi in 27 households, 432 Flowery Lachi in 72 households. Ethnic population: 1,634.
Region  Yunnan Province, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, southern Maguan County, several villages.
Language map  Southwestern China
Alternate names  I To, Ku Te, La Chi, Laji, Lati, Lipulio, Tai Lati, Y Mia, Y Poong, Y To
Dialects  Lipute (Bag Lachi), Liputcio (Han Lachi), Lipuke (Red Lachi), Lipuliongtco (Flowery Lachi), Liputiõ (Black Lachi), Lipupi (Long-Haired Lachi).
Language use  Most ethnic Lachi in China have already shifted to either Nong Southern Zhuang [zhn] or local Southwestern Mandarin [cmn] as primary language, though some still understand Lachi. Positive attitude. Language preservation important to them. All also use Nong Zhuang.
Comments  Previously classified as Yi nationality, but since 1996 classified as Zhuang nationality.