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A language of Viet Nam

ISO 639-3lgh

Population  300 (2002 J. Edmondson).
Region  Northwest; Lao Cai Province, Sa Pa District, Nam Sa village; 15 kms. south and east of Sa Pa City, in the valley below the highest mountain in Viet Nam, Phan Si Pan (3,198 meters).
Language maps  Northern Viet Nam, reference number 49
Northwestern Viet Nam, reference number 49
Alternate names   Laopa, Xá Phó
Dialects  Relationship to Laopang [lbg] (Laopa) of Myanmar, also in the Lolo group, is unknown.
Classification  Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Lolo-Burmese, Loloish, Northern, Yi
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