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A language of Indonesia (Sulawesi)

ISO 639-3lix

Population  75 (2004 SIL), decreasing.
Region  Southeast Sulawesi, Bungi subdistrict, south Buton Island, part of Liabuku village north of Bau-Bau.
Language map  Indonesia, Sulawesi, reference number 51
Dialects  Quite divergent from other Muna varieties. Lexical similarity: 82% with the Burukene dialect of Muna [mnb], 72%–76% with other Muna dialects, 72% with Muna, 75% with Kioko [ues].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Celebic, Eastern, Southeastern, Muna-Buton, Nuclear Muna-Buton, Munan, Munic, Western
Comments  Muslim.
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