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A language of Indonesia (Sulawesi)

ISO 639-3llm

Population  1,700 (2000 SIL).
Region  Southeast Sulawesi, Southeast Buton Island, Lasalimu subdistrict.
Language map  Indonesia, Sulawesi, reference number 47
Dialects  Lexical similarity: 68% with Kamaru [kgx], 64% with Cia-Cia [cia], 57% with Tukang Besi, 51% with Pancana [pnp], 50% with Wolio [wlo] and Muna [mnb].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Celebic, Eastern, Southeastern, Muna-Buton, Nuclear Muna-Buton, Buton, East Buton
Comments  Muslim.
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