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A language of Brazil

ISO 639-3mbc

Population  19,000 in Brazil (2001 ISA). Population total all countries: 29,100.
Region  Contingo, Quino, Pium, and Mau rivers, northeast Roraima and Rio Branco. Also in Guyana, Venezuela.
Language map  Brazil, reference number 54
Alternate names   Macusi, Makushi, Makusi, Makuxi, Teueia, Teweya
Dialects  Not intelligible with Pemon [aoc] or Patamona [pbc].
Classification  Carib, Northern, East-West Guiana, Macushi-Kapon, Macushi
Language use  Also use Portuguese.
Language development  NT: 1996.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  OVS.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Macushi
Population  9,500 in Guyana (2001 ISA). Ethnic population: 9,500.
Region  Southwestern border area, Rupununi north savannahs. Spread out in 20 small settlements up to the foothills of the Pakaraima Mountains.
Language map  Guyana
Alternate names  Macusi, Macussi, Makushi, Makusi, Makuxi, Teueia, Teweya
Language use  Also use English, Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish in Venezuela.


Language name   Macushi
Population  600 in Venezuela.
Region  East border area.
Language map  Venezuela, reference number 16
Alternate names  Makushi, Makusi, Makuxi, Teweya
Language use  Some also use English.