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Mixtec, Amoltepec

A language of Mexico

ISO 639-3mbz

Population  10,000 (2007 SIL). 1,400 monolinguals (2007 SIL). Ethnic population: 12,000.
Region  Oaxaca, west edge of Sola de Vega District, Santiago Amoltepec Municipio, and settlements (Las Cuevas, La Mesilla, El Armadillo, El Mamey, El Zapote, Colonia de Jesús, Barranca Oscura, Llano Tigre, Llano Conejo, El Cocal, El Laurel, La Tortuga). 20 villages in southern part of Santiago Amoltepec Municipio.
Language map  Southern Central Mexico, reference number 256
Alternate names   Mixteco de Amoltepec, Western Sola de Vega Mixtec
Dialects  63% intelligibility with Ixtayutla [vmj], 52% with Pinotepa Nacional [mio], 46% with Yosondúa [mpm], 42% with Southwestern Tlaxiaco Mixtec [meh], 32% with Zacatepec [mza], 25% with San Juan Colorado [mjc], 20% with Jamiltepec [mxt], 15% with Chayuco [mih]. People manage to communicate with Ixtayutla, but not Yosondúa, Zacatepec, or Jamiltepec.
Classification  Oto-Manguean, Mixtecan, Mixtec-Cuicatec, Mixtec
Language use  Functionally monolingual parents pass Mixtec on to children. Home, trade, community, local administration, and churches (some communities); not in schools. All ages. Low prestige, but older adults want to preserve it. Some in Amoltepec center also use Spanish, but those in outlying rancherías are quite monolingual. A few know some English. Communication often carried on in 2 languages, with one speaking Mixtec and the other answering in Spanish.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 0%. Bible portions: 2007.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Schools through 6th grade. Secundaria and Cobao in Amoltepec City. VSO; prepositions; head-genitive; article-noun; number-noun; noun-adj; question word initial; No case marking affixes; Verb clitics may substitute for free subjects; Not ergative; causative prefix on verbs; comparatives: ‘x big-more face y’; CV, CCV, and (max) CCCVC; tonal. Agriculturalists. Traditional religion, Christian.