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A language of Indonesia (Sulawesi)

ISO 639-3mdr

Population  200,000 (1985).
Region  West Sulawesi, Majene and Polewali-Mamasa districts, Mamuju District, a few settlements; Pangkep District islands, and Ujung Lero near Pare-Pare.
Language maps  Indonesia, Sulawesi, reference number 61
Indonesia, Sulawesi, reference number 61
Alternate names   Andian, Mandharsche, Manjar
Dialects  Majene, Balanipa (Napo-Tinambung), Malunda, Pamboang, Sendana (Cenrana, Tjendana). A complex dialect grouping, there may be more dialects than those listed. Balanipa and Sendana may each be more than 1 dialect. Balanipa is the prestige dialect. Mandar, Mamuju [mqx], and Bambam [ptu] are separate languages in a language chain.
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, South Sulawesi, Northern, Mandar
Language development  Dictionary.
Writing system  Buginese script.
Comments  Fishermen; agriculturalists: cacao, maize, cassava; copra production. Muslim.