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A language of Australia

ISO 639-3mfr

Population  25 (Black 1983).
Region  Northern Territory, south of Daly River and central Daly River; Daly River Mission, Bagot, Delissaville, Roper River Mission.
Language map  Northern Australia, reference number 19
Alternate names   Berringen, “Bringen” , “Brinken” , Maridhiel, Maridhiyel, Marithiyel, Marrithiyel
Dialects  Marithiel, Nganygit, Mare-Ammu (Mari-Ammu).
Classification  Australian, Daly, Bringen-Wagaydy, Bringen
Language use  Shifting to Kriol [rop]. 50 L2 speakers.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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