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A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3mns

Population  2,750. Ethnic population: 11,432.
Region  Western Siberia, Komi-Zyrian to west of the Urals; between Urals and Ob River.
Language map  Western Asian Russia, reference number 20
Alternate names   Mansiy, Vogul, Vogulich, Voguly
Dialects  Northern Vogul (Sos’va, Sosyvin, Upper Lozyvin), Southern Vogul (Tavdin), Western Vogul (Pelym, Vagily, Middle Lozyvin, Lower Lozyvin), Eastern Vogul (Kondin). Intelligibility difficult between geographically distant dialects. May be 4 languages. Most similar to Hungarian [hun].
Classification  Uralic
Language use  Few domains. All ages. Neutral to strongly supportive toward Mansi. Some also use Russian.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1868–2007.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  Hunters; fishermen; animal husbandry: cattle. Traditional religion.
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