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A language of United States

ISO 639-3mov

Population  75 (1994 L. Hinton). 30 to 35 at Fort Mohave, 35 to 50 at Colorado River. Ethnic population: 767 (2000 A. Yamamoto); 204 (2000 US census).
Region  California-Arizona border, Fort Mohave and Colorado River reservations.
Language map  Southwestern United States of America
Alternate names   Mojave
Dialects  Lexical similarity: 85% with Maricopa [mrc], 63% with Walapai and Havasupai [yuf], 62% with Yavapai [yuf].
Classification  Hokan, Esselen-Yuman, Yuman, River Yuman
Language use  Mainly older adults. Also use English.
Comments  Language materials, programs for children. Both communities have writing systems.