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Aleut, Mednyj

A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3mud

Population  10 (Krauss 1995).
Region  Komandor Islands, Copper Island.
Language map  Eastern Asian Russia, reference number 22
Alternate names   Attuan, Copper, Copper Island Aleut, Copper Island Attuan, Creolized Attuan, Medny
Classification  Mixed language, Russian-Aleut
Language use  Most ethnic group members in the Russian Federation speak Russian as L1.
Language development  Taught in school until the fourth grade. Grammar.
Comments  1820ā€“1840 dozens of Aleut families brought from other islands to Komandor Islands. Until 1960s, 2 villages on Bering and Medny islands. 1950sā€“1980s children were sent by the state to boarding schools. Christian. Nearly extinct.
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