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A language of Kenya

ISO 639-3muu

Population  50 (1983). Ethnic population: 250 (1983).
Region  Laikipia District, Mukogodo Division, Mukogodo Forest west of Doldol, foothills north of Mt. Kenya.
Language map  Kenya, reference number 58
Alternate names   Mogogodo, Mukogodo, Mukoquodo, “Ndorobo” , “Ntorobo” , Siegu, Yaakua, Yiaku
Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Yaaku
Language use  GIDS 7 or 8. Private knowledge being shared in language revival efforts. Positive attitude. Most or all forest groups also use an adopted language.
Comments  “Ndorobo” is a derogatory cover term for several hunter or forest groups not linguistically related (El Molo, Yaaku, Okiek, Omotik). Mukogodo is a place name. Hunter-gatherers; pastoralists. Christian. Nearly extinct.
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