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Miao, White

A language of China

ISO 639-3mww

Population  233,000 in China (2004). All Miao in China: 8,949,116 (2000 census). Population total all countries: 613,400. Ethnic population: 8,949,116.
Region  South and southwest Guizhou, northwest Guangxi, southeast and southwest Yunnan. Also in France, Laos, Thailand, United States, Viet Nam.
Language map  Southwestern China
Alternate names   Bai Miao, Banded Arm Hmong, Hmong Daw, Hmong Dleu, Hmong Qua Mpa, Meo Do, Meo Kao, Mong Do, Mong Trang, Pe Miao, Peh Miao, Striped Arm Hmong, Striped Hmong, White Hmong, White Lum, White Meo
Dialects  Largely intelligible with Hmong Njua [hnj] and Hmong Daw (Mong Leng dialect) but sociolinguistic factors require separate literature for Hmong Daw.
Classification  Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Chuanqiandian
A member of macrolanguage Hmong [hmn] (China).
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 42% in Mandarin Chinese [cmn]. Radio programs. Dictionary. Bible: 2000.
Writing system  Lao script. Latin script, primary script. Pahawh Hmong script. Miao (Pollard) script, used in China. Thai script, used in Thailand.
Comments  Part of Miao nationality. Tonal: 7 tones. Traditional religion, Christian.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Hmong Daw
Population  170,000 in Laos (1995 census).
Region  North.
Language map  Laos, reference number 13
Alternate names  Bai Miao, Hmonng Der, Hmoob Dawb, Meo Kao, White Lum, White Meo, White Hmong, White Miao
Dialects  Hmong Gu Mba (Hmong Qua Mba, Striped Hmong), Mong Leng.
Comments  Traditional religion.


Language name   Hmong Daw
Population  32,400 in Thailand (2000).
Region  Petchabun, Tak, Maehongson, Chiangmai, Nan, Chiangrai, Pitsanalok, Loei, Sukhothai, Kamphaengphet, Prae, Phayao, Uttaradit, Lampang.
Language map  Northern Thailand, reference number 9
Alternate names  Bai Miao, Chuan Miao, Hmong Der, Hmoob Dawb, Meo Kao, Pe Miao, Peh Miao, White Hmong, White Lum, White Meo, White Miao
Dialects  Hmong Gu Mba (Hmong Qua Mba, Striped Hmong, Miao Lai), Mong Leng, Petchabun Miao.
Comments  Traditional religion, Christian.

Viet Nam

Language name   Hmong Daw
Population  All Hmong in Viet Nam: 787,604 (1999 census).
Region  North; others resettled in Dac Lac Province in the south.
Language map  Northwestern Viet Nam, reference number 29
Alternate names  Bai Miao, Mán Tráng, Meo Kao, White Lum, White Meo
Dialects  Hmong Xi (Meo Do).
Comments  Largely intelligible with Hmong Njua [hnj]. No significant difference between White and Striped (Thailand) Hmong. Traditional religion, Christian.