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A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3nio

Population  500. Ethnic population: 834.
Region  Siberia, Taimyr Peninsula, Taimyr National Okrug, Duinka region, Ust-Avam and Volochanka villages; Khatang region, Novaya village. Northernmost people in Russia, near Yakut [sah], Dolgan [dlg], Nenets [yrk], and (Tundra) Enets [enh].
Language maps  Western Asian Russia, reference number 27
Western Asian Russia, reference number 27
Alternate names   Tavgi Samoyed, Nya
Dialects  Avam, Khatang.
Classification  Uralic, Samoyed
Language use  Limited use in the home. Mainly adults. Ethnic pride expressed; status enhanced by knowledge of Nganasan. People neutral to mildly supportive toward Nganasan. Also use Russian or Dolgan [dlg].
Language development  Taught in school as L2 to Avam-Nganasan children. Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  2 ethnic groups: Avam and Vadeyev. 1960s–1980s resettled in villages formerly used as winter quarters or trading posts along migratory routes in 1940s. Previous intermittent contact with Tundra Enets and Nenets, and formerly officially were considered part of them. Resettlement brought close contact with Russian, Ukrainian [ukr], Belarusian [bel], and Tatar [tat]. Traditional religion.
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