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A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3niv

Population  690. Ethnic population: 2,000 Amur, 2,700 Sakhalin (1995 M. Krauss). Ethnic population: 5,162.
Region  Sakhalin Island, Nekrasovka and Nogliki villages; Rybnoe, Moskalvo, Chir-Unvd, Viakhtu, other villages; along Amur River, Aleevka village.
Language map  Eastern Asian Russia, reference number 11
Alternate names   Nivkh, Nivkhi
Dialects  Amur, East Sakhalin Gilyak, North Sakhalin Gilyak. The Amur and East Sakhalin dialects have difficult inherent mutual intelligibility. North Sakhalin is between them linguistically.
Classification  Language isolate
Language use  Forced resettlement weakened use. Some are scattered and without regular contact with other speakers. Home. Mainly older adults. Neutral to mildly supportive toward Gilyak. Also use Russian.
Language development  Taught through second grade in settlements at Nogliki and Nekrasovka. Not taught at Amur. Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Cyrillic script. Latin script.
Comments  Fishermen; agriculturalists.
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