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A language of China

ISO 639-3pcc

Population  2,600,000 in China (2000 census). Population total all countries: 2,649,205. Ethnic population: 2,945,000.
Region  Guizhou-Yunnan plateau, mainly Buyi-Miao and Miao-Dong autonomous prefectures, Zhenning and Guanling counties, south and southwest Guizhou; Yunnan Province, Luoping County; Sichuan Province, Ningnan and Huidong counties. Also in France, United States, Viet Nam.
Language map  Southwestern China
Alternate names   Bo-I, Bui, Buyei, Buyi, Buyui, Chung-Chia, Dioi, Giay, Pu-I, Pu-Jui, Pui, Pujai, Puyi, Puyoi, Shuihu, Tujia, Zhongjia
Dialects  Qiannan (Southern Guizhou, Bouyei 1), Qianzhong (Central Guizhou, Bouyei 2), Qianxi (Western Guizhou, Bouyei 3).
Classification  Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Be-Tai, Tai-Sek, Tai, Northern
Language use  Vigorous. Rare oral use in local administration, commerce, education. All ages. Also use Chinese [cmn].
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 76%. Poetry. Newspapers. Dictionary.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Classified as Bouyei nationality. The corresponding ethnic group in Viet Nam is called the Giay nationality. ‘Quinnan hua’ (Quinnan speech) also refers to a dialect of southwestern Mandarin spoken in Guizhou, and should not be confused with the Qiannan Bouyei dialect. SVO; modifiers follow heads; highly monosyllabic; tonal, 6 tone categories in open syllables and 4 in closed syllables. Agriculturalists: oranges; batik dyers; textiles; tung oil; kapok. Polytheist, Daoist, Buddhist.

Also spoken in:

Viet Nam

Language name   Giáy
Population  49,100 in Viet Nam (1999 census).
Region  Lao Cai, Hà Giang, Lai Chau provinces.
Language maps  Northern Viet Nam, reference number 21
Northwestern Viet Nam, reference number 21
Alternate names  Bo-I, Bo-Y, Bouyei, Buyi, Chang Chá, Chung Cha, Cùi Chu, Dang, Dioi, Giai, Giang, Nhaang, Niang, Nyang, Pau Thin, Pú Nà, Pu-I, Pu-Nam, Pui, Puyi, Sa, Trong Ggia, Tu-Dìn, Xa Chung Chá, Yai, Yay
Dialects  Tu-Dí, Nhang, Pú Nà.
Comments  An official nationality. Polytheist, Daoist.