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A language of United States

ISO 639-3pot

Population  50 in United States (1995 Potawatomi Language Institute). Population total all countries: 1,300. Ethnic population: 25,000 (1997 L. Buszard-Welcher); 844 (2000 census).
Region  Southwest and north Michigan, north Wisconsin and northeast Kansas. Also in Canada.
Language maps  Northern Central United States of America
Southeastern United States of America
Alternate names   Pottawotomi
Classification  Algic, Algonquian, Central
Language use  Shifting to English.
Language development  Grammar. Bible portions: 1844.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  85% have varying degrees of language retention.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Potawatomi
Population  1,250 in Canada (1996).
Region  Southern Ontario, Walpole Island Reserve.
Language map  Canada
Alternate names  Pottawottomi
Language use  Shifting to English. Older adults.