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Rapa Nui

A language of Chile

ISO 639-3rap

Population  3,390 in Chile (2000). 2,200 on Easter Island; 200 to 300 on Chile mainland, Tahiti, and USA. Ethnic population: 3,500.
Region  Easter Island, 3,800 km from Chile, 4,000 km from Tahiti. Also in French Polynesia, United States.
Language map  Argentina and Chile
Alternate names   Easter Island, Pascuense, Rapanui
Dialects  Lexical similarity: 64% with Hawaiian [haw], Mangareva [mrv], Rarotongan [rar]; 63% with Marquesan [mrq]; 62% with Tahitian [tah], Tuamotuan.
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Central-Eastern, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Central-Eastern Oceanic, Remote Oceanic, Central Pacific, East Fijian-Polynesian, Polynesian, Nuclear, East, Rapanui
Language use  Also use Spanish.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 25%–50%. Grammar.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  VSO. Fishermen; craftsmen.