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A language of United Kingdom

ISO 639-3rme

Population  90,000 in United Kingdom (1990 I. Hancock). Population total all countries: 202,900.
Region  England, Scotland, Wales. Also in Australia, South Africa, United States.
Alternate names   English Romani, Pogadi Chib, Posh ‘N’ Posh, Romani English, Romanichal
Dialects  Not inherently intelligible with Welsh Romani [rmw], Traveller Swedish [rmu], Traveller Norwegian [rmg], or Traveller Danish [rmd]. Grammar English with heavy Romani lexical borrowing. Many dialects.
Classification  Mixed language, English-Romani
Language use  Spoken in the United Kingdom for 500 years. “The Romanichal population must be considered as being more actively determined to retain the ethnic language than some other British minorities” (I. Hancock).

Also spoken in:


Language name   Angloromani
Population  5,000 in Australia (1985).
Alternate names  English Romani, Pogadi Chib, Romanichal

United States

Language name   Angloromani
Population  100,000 in United States.
Alternate names  English Romani, Romani English, Romanichal, Romanis
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