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A language of Australia

ISO 639-3rop

Population  10,000 (1991 B. Borneman).
Region  Western Australia, Northern Territory, Kimberley region, Roper River, Katherine areas, Ngukurr; Queensland, Gulf Country, Lower Cape York Peninsula.
Alternate names   Roper-Bamyili Creole
Dialects  Roper River Kriol (Roper River Pidgin), Bamyili Creole, Barkly Kriol, Fitzroy Valley Kriol, Daly River Kriol. Both Kriol and Torres Strait Creole [tes] are spreading and are nearly overlapping in Queensland.
Classification  Creole, English based, Pacific
Language use  10,000 L2 speakers (1991 SIL). Preschool children may not be bilingual in another language. Some also use English or Aboriginal languages.
Language development  NT: 1991.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  SVO. Pastoralists; hunter-gatherers.