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Okinawan, Central

A language of Japan

ISO 639-3ryu

Population  984,000 (2000). Ethnic population: Total ethnic population of Okinawan is 1,200,000 (2000 Yukio).
Region  Central Okinawa; southern Okinawa Island, Kerama Islands, Kume-jima, Tonaki, Aguna islands, islands east of Okinawa Island.
Language map  Japan
Alternate names   Luchu, Okinawan
Dialects  Shuri, Naha, Torishima, Kudaka. Inherent intelligibility is generally impossible, or very difficult, with other Ryukyuan languages and Japanese [jpn]. Ryukyuan languages are 62%-70% cognate with Tokyo dialect of Japanese. Ryukyu languages are 62%–70% cognate with Tokyo dialect of Japanese.
Classification  Japonic, Ryukyuan, Amami-Okinawan, Southern Amami-Okinawan
Language use  Mainly adults. Also use Japanese.
Language development  Dictionary. Bible portions: 1855–1858.
Writing system  Katakana script.
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