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A language of Indonesia (Papua)

ISO 639-3saw

Population  3,500 (1993 R. Doriot).
Region  Asmat Regency, Pantai Kasuari and Fayit subdistricts, near south coastal lowland, between Kronkel and Ayip rivers and upper Fayit River area, Kamur, Esebor, Wiagas, Minahai, Comoro villages.
Language map  Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 242
Alternate names   Aejauroh, Sawuy
Dialects  Most similar to Awyu languages.
Classification  Trans-New Guinea, Ok-Awyu, Awyu-Dumut, Sawi
Language development  Literacy rate in L2: 5% semiliterate. NT: 1973–1994.
Comments  Christian, traditional religion.