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A language of Ecuador

ISO 639-3sey

Population  550 in Ecuador (2007). Population total all countries: 690.
Region  Northeastern jungle, Aguarico, Cuyabeno, and Eno rivers, near Colombian border. Also in Peru.
Language map  Ecuador, reference number 16
Dialects  Ecuadorian Siona, Angotero. Identical to Secoya in Peru. Ecuadorian Siona is distinct from Siona [snn] of Colombia.
Classification  Tucanoan, Western Tucanoan, Northern, Siona-Secoya
Language use  Once used as a wider contact language by the Spanish colonial administration. Home, community, religion, education. All ages. Positive attitude.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 100%. Literacy rate in L2: 60%. Taught in primary schools. NT: 1990.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  SOV. Swidden agriculturalists. Traditional religion, Christian.

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Language name   Secoya
Population  140 in Peru.
Region  North Peru, Boca de Angusilla and Santa Marta, a small River off Napo River near Ecuador border.
Language map  Peru, reference number 71
Alternate names  Angotero, Encabellao
Dialects  Angotero, Piojé.
Language use  Official language. All ages.