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French Belgian Sign Language

A language of Belgium

ISO 639-3sfb

Population  No estimate available.
Alternate names   Langue des Signes Belge Francophone, LSFB
Dialects  Most similar to Flemish Sign Language [vgt]. Major difference is in the mouthings; sometimes people can understand the other language moderately well, but others have difficulty, especially (as in television) where there is no adjustment to the language of the addressee. Regional dialects developed in different deaf schools.
Classification  Deaf sign language
Language use  Official language. Interpreters are required in court. Instruction offered for parents of deaf children. Limited influence from Belgium Signed French, used some for communication with hearing people.
Language development  Films. TV. Videos.
Writing system  SignWriting.
Comments  Taught in several private schools since 1980s, in vocational schools since 1992 (twelve levels), and in some deaf schools as pilot project since official government recognition in 2003.
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