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Singapore Sign Language

A language of Singapore

ISO 639-3sls

Population  3,000 (2007 SIL). Very few monolinguals. Ethnic population: 4,000 (2007 SIL).
Dialects  Natural Sign Language, Contact Signing (Signing Exact English, Pidgin Signed English).
Classification  Deaf sign language
Language use  With cochlear implants the use of Singapore Sign Language will probably decrease, but many Deaf are not candidates for cochlear implants. Probably not an endangered language. Home, church, commerce. Positive attitude. English, Chinese used in some homes, businesses, etc.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 0%. Literacy rate in L2: 70% estimated in English and (or) Chinese. It is difficult for the Deaf to learn to read and maintain their reading skills. Dictionary.
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