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A language of Papua New Guinea

ISO 639-3sow

Population  970 in Papua New Guinea (2000 census). Population total all countries: 1,180.
Region  Sandaun Province, Amanab District. Also in Indonesia (Papua).
Language map  Papua New Guinea, Map 3, reference number 63
Alternate names   Waina, Wanja, Wanya, Wina
Dialects  Punda-Umeda (Umada), Waina. May be 2 languages.
Classification  Border, Waris
Language use  Few also use Tok Pisin [tpi].

Also spoken in:

Indonesia (Papua)

Language name   Sowanda
Population  210 in Indonesia (2002 SIL).
Region  South of Jayapur, northeast border area.
Language map  Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 143
Alternate names  Waina, Waina-Sowanda, Wanja, Wanya, Wina
Comments  Agriculturalists; hunters. Christian, traditional religion.
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