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Sardinian, Logudorese

A language of Italy

ISO 639-3src

Population  500,000 (Salminen 1993).
Region  Central Sardinia.
Alternate names   Central Sardinian, Logudorese, Sard, Sardarese
Dialects  Nuorese, Northern Logudorese, Barbaricino, Southwestern Logudorese. No one form of Sardinian is selected as standard for literary purposes. Logudorese is different from other Sardinian varieties. Lexical similarity: 68% with Standard Italian, 73% with Sassarese [sdc] and Cagliare dialect of Sardinian, Campidanese [sro], 70% with Gallurese [sdn]. ‘Sardinian’ has 85% lexical similarity with Italian, 80% with French, 78% with Portuguese, 76% with Spanish, 74% with Romanian [ron] and Ladin [lld].
Classification  Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Southern, Sardinian
A member of macrolanguage Sardinian [srd] (Italy).
Language use  Generally, central and southern areas. Prestige is equal to Italian in some contexts, including writing. Growing movement to recognize Sard as part of linguistic and cultural heritage. Also use Italian.
Language development  Bible portions: 1858–1861.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Christian.
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