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A language of Canada

ISO 639-3sto

Population  2,300 (2001 SIL). Ethnic population: 3,200 (1987 SIL).
Region  Southern Alberta, west and northwest of Calgary, and central Alberta, west of Edmonton.
Language map  Canada
Alternate names   Nakoda, Stony
Dialects  Southern Stoney, Northern Stoney. Dialects nearly 100% mutually intelligible. Northern dialect is spoken at Duffield (Paul Band) and Lac St. Anne (Alexis Band). Lexical similarity: 89% with Assiniboine [asb], 86% with Dakota [dak] of Manitoba, 85% with Dakota [dak] of North Dakota, 83% with Lakota [lkt].
Classification  Siouan, Siouan Proper, Central, Mississippi Valley, Dakota
Language use  Adults.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Literacy rate in L2: 75%–100%. Bible portions: 1970.
Writing system  Latin script.