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Salish, Straits

A language of Canada

ISO 639-3str

Population  20 in Canada (2002 W. Poser). Ethnic population: 3,020 (2001 Census).
Region  British Columbia, Southeast tip of Vancouver Island. Also in United States.
Language map  Southwestern Canada
Alternate names   Straits
Dialects  Saanich, Samish, Lummi, Ts’ooke, Semiahmoo, Songish. Most use Saanich dialect.
Classification  Salishan, Central Salish, Straits
Language use  Ts’ooke, Semiahmoo, Songish dialects have no remaining speakers. Shifting to English [eng]. Older adults.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar.
Comments  Nearly extinct.

Also spoken in:

United States

Language name   Salish, Straits
Region  Southeast Vancouver Island, British Columbia and adjoining portions of Washington, islands in between.
Language map  Northwestern United States of America
Alternate names  Straits
Dialects  Saanich, Lummi, Samish, Ts’ooke, Songish, Semiahmoo.
Language use  Semiahmoo, Ts’ooke, and Songish dialects are extinct. Older adults.
Language development  Conversational Salish is taught in Nespelem, Washington, but it is not known which Salish dialect.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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