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A language of Canada

ISO 639-3tsi

Population  750 in Canada (2002 W. Poser). 1 Southern Tsimshian. Canada Census (2001) lists 505 in Canada. Population total all countries: 930. Ethnic population: 3,200 in Canada (Krauss 1995).
Region  North coast British Columbia. Southern Tsimshian at southern end on coast at Klemtu. Also in United States.
Language map  Southwestern Canada
Alternate names   Chimmezyan, Tsimpshean, Zimshian
Dialects  Southern Tsimshian (Sguxs, Old Klemtu), Coast Tsimshian (Sm’algyax).
Classification  Penutian, Tsimshian
Language use  Older adults. Also use English.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1885–1898.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Southern dialect very divergent. SOV; prepositions; genitives, adjectives before noun heads.

Also spoken in:

United States

Language name   Tsimshian
Population  180 in United States (2000 census). Ethnic population: 1,300 in USA (1995 M. Krauss).
Region  Tip of Alaska panhandle, (New) Metlakatla on Annette Island, some in Ketchikan.
Language map  United States of America, Alaska and Hawaii
Alternate names  Chimmezyan, Coast Tsimshian, Sm’algyax, Tsimshean, Zimshian
Language use  Shifting to English. Older adults.
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