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A language of Canada

ISO 639-3tus

Population  7 in Canada (Kinkade 1991). Population total all countries: 11.
Region  Ontario, Six Nations Reserve. Also in United States.
Language map  Canada
Classification  Iroquoian, Northern Iroquoian, Tuscarora-Nottoway
Language use  Shifting to English. Older adults.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Nearly extinct.

Also spoken in:

United States

Language name   Tuscarora
Population  4 in United States (1997 M. Mithun). Ethnic population: 1,200 in the USA (1997 M. Mithun).
Region  Tuscarora Reservation near Niagara Falls, New York, eastern North Carolina.
Language map  Northeastern United States of America
Alternate names  Skarohreh
Language use  Shifted to English. Mainly older adults.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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