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Tày Tac

A language of Viet Nam

ISO 639-3tyt

Population  No estimate available.
Region  Northwest, east Son La Province, Muong Tâc District.
Language maps  Northern Viet Nam, reference number 90
Northwestern Viet Nam, reference number 90
Dialects  Related to Tai Dam [blt], Tai Dón [twh], Tai Daeng [tyr].
Classification  Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Be-Tai, Tai-Sek, Tai, Southwestern, East Central, Chiang Saeng
Writing system  Latin script. Tai Viet script.
Comments  Part of Thái official nationality. Women’s blouses similar to that worn by White Tai women of Lai Châu, without the silver buttons. CN(C) in which N=V + tone, 22 consonants, 13 vowels, tonal, 6 tones on open syllables and those ending with a continuant, 3 tones on syllables ending with a stop.
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